Sunday, May 5, 2013

A good example.

Recently the ideals of socialism have begun to be preached again by the lefties in our government and their sycophants in the media and their idiot protesters. The notions have been buried in bills and speeches produced by our pathetic excuse of a president and his butt kissers. The left has the idea that they are America's and the Worlds parents. That it is their holy duty to thrust upon us an idea that we do not want because in the long run we will see the logic and wisdom. That once it is part of our culture we will not understand how we lived without it.


There are tons of examples of why Socialism/Fascism/Communism have failed. Each has separate and unique ideals, but when looked at together, they also share a LOT of commonalities. And we can point to the failures of the Soviet Union as a good example of a system gone bust. We can point to the horrendous state of the Canadian health system or the French Health system. We can also look at the Well Fare state here in America, which in its core is a form of socialism. It is bloated, out of control, and crushing our economy is so many ways.

But, to give a good example that is often not spoken of, I want to talk about an unintended experiment in one nation that is now two nations and how one side picked socialism and the other a free market democracy. Welcome to Korea.

Back in the 19th century, that's the 1800's for those unable to keep up, Korea was conquered and controlled by the then Japanese Empire. That control lasted until WWII, when Japan lost and the Empire fell apart. Korea was cut loose and left to make its own way. Here comes the cold war. The United States entered with help from the U.N. and Soviet Russia entered as well. We, Americans, helped the South Koreans to build a free market economy and establish a leadership by election or as we call it a Constitutional Republic. North Korea was influenced and then designed by the Soviets to mirror a perfect Socialist society.

The results:

South Korea has a booming economy that has given us a great deal of technology in games, cell phones, cars, and many other items. They have a strong election system with one of the highest turn out rates in the world (over 70% step out to vote). And their population is fed, housed, and happy. Yes they have problems just like every society on earth, but they are free to voice their opinions and make their own decisions and most of all, work for their own pursuit of happiness.

North Korea: Their socialist leadership has taken a nose dive into maniacal dictatorship that has a God complex like the Pharaohs of old. Their people have exactly one TV and Radio station they can turn to, which only pipes in governmental propaganda. Their borders are sealed tight without mercy. Mass grave sights, most likely filled with citizens who opposed the government, have been seen through satellite photos. The people are starved if they don't obey, and they are barely fed if they do. Religion is frowned upon and Missionaries are safer in Iran. They proclaim they are a Democratic system, but when the former self proclaimed God leader of N. Korea died, his son just stepped into daddy's shoes, ensuring the dynasty survives. Here I must mention that Kim Jong il replaced his father when he passed on, so this makes the current leader a third gen of this dynasty in this so called Democracy. And to top it off, this is the poverty stricken, brainwashed country that regularly makes threats of nuclear strikes against foes of significant strength. Boy, doesn't that make you want to make your vacation plans now, and get ahead of the crowds!

So, this little experiment that has lasted 68 years has some conclusive results. Freedom vs. Totalitarianism through Socialism. And this is what our leadership wants us to look toward. I am sure that the people of North Korea were sold all the bologna that we are being fed today, that this sort of system will give them everything they want, everyone will be equal, paradise was just a soul away from happening. That would be your soul in payment to be clear. And they got what they bought, a system that controls their lives in so many ways that they cannot but accept or die.

A few years back a program on Television told of a doctor and his people who wanted to help the blind in third world countries. They approached N. Korea. They were allowed, only after much talking and practically begging, to go into North Korea to work. They wanted nothing but to help people. Some of these people have lived decades without being able to see. After the relatively simple procedures were done and the people were going to remove the eye patches to see for the first time, the Government stepped in. The first sight they must see is a painting of Kim Jong il and his father, ( Kim Jong Il was still alive at this time.) The people got in a large room and removed their bandages and opened their eyes to see the doctors, military men, cameras and the painting.  Then the people did something that just sent ice into my blood, they looked at the painting like one might look at a real angel and began to thank him for blessing them with sight. The level of brainwashing done in that country was made apparent at that moment. This is not a free nation by any standard. If you want to see the program it is called Explorer: Inside North Korea 

One last note: There are Liberals out there that will try to sell Socialism in its many forms to Christians by telling us that our Bible supports their logic. They may have some valid points, but they also are misleading. They are trying to sell you the bologna so you will allow the brainwashing to begin. History goes against them as well, in EVERY nation that has implemented any form of planned socialism, it has quickly removed religions freedom and highly encouraged atheism in its place. So, don't let them fool you. 

  I hope you learned something from this. As for me, I know that Socialism is bad.

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