Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gays vs Divorce vs Christianity: a Facebook lie

Recently I found a supposed dialogue floating around Facebook. It claims to be from a pastor, who not named, at a church, which is not named, where a person attended, who are not named. The pastor gives an impassioned speech about homosexuality and divorce. He attempts to show that the Bible is loving toward Gays while hateful toward women who get a divorce. Well, let me just show you this piece of garbage.

Here is my rebuttal:
This is obviously either a fake, or uneducated pastor. The Bible states in Leviticus 20:13  that if men are sleeping together they are both to be put to death, no loopholes, not exceptions. At no point in the Bible is the act of divorce only punishable on the wife, that would be Islam. In fact, the Levitcal laws have rules about when divorce is allowed, which mostly have to deal with one partner being unfaithful and committing adultery; in doing so dissolves the marriage in God's Eyes the moment he OR she sleeps with someone other than their spouse. Of course the Levitical laws are old testament and we follow what the New Testaments says. The New Testament rule is that those who commit homosexual acts are facing spiritual death (Hell) and eternal separation from God, and those (Christians and Non-Christians alike) who condone sin and even applaud it are equally doomed Romans 1:32. The New Testament also says that adultery still dissolves a marriage in God's eyes, but that the guilty party may repent and even come back to their partner.

As you can, hopefully, tell this is not from a true Bible believing church. My guess is, if this is even real, this is from a church who are liberal minding and have allowed the World to dictate their religion while ignoring God.

My true opinion is that this is fake. It was created by someone who wanted to justify sin while discrediting the church. Though it supposedly lifts up the pastor in a way, it only tears down the church. If a pastor actually gave this little sermon, he would not only be walking away from God and the Bible, he would be leading the rest of his flock away as well. The bible is very strict on the teachers/leaders of the Church, for they hold sway over the followers and can lead God's people down a terrible path.

This is also another stab at the notion that the Church...not the hate-mongering against gays without justification. It subtlety injects the ideas, created by the World, that Christians are not only against the sin but are hateful of the sinner. There is this false notion floating around the Liberal world that Christians want to enact Jim Crow style laws against Gays, or worst Hitler themed ideas. (Note:Jim Crow Laws and Hitlers exterminations were both supported ideas by Leftists like Margaret Sanger, Charles Darwin, and the Democrat Party.) This is not the case, we simply do not want to live in a society that not only condones sin, but encourages it, and proclaims it holy and pure while denouncing what God says is Holy and pure. Homosexuality is a sin, end of story. Divorce is a sin, but that isn't the end story. In Muslim countries the wife would be stoned if found with another man, regardless of why she was found. But, in the Christian Bible, a divorce is perfectly legal of one partner is unfaithful. The unfaithful party has sinned and in the Old Testament could have been put to death, fortunate for us today, Jesus does not ask that. He simply wants the unfaithful partner to repent of his/her sin and accept the salvation through Jesus and the mercy and grace of God. My God has mercy, which means even though sin is condemnation to death, he will forgive so long as you ask honestly and believe faithfully.

Note: Though I said that the Levitcal laws are Old Testament and we follow the New Testament, the laws and what they say are right and/or wrong are still legit. There is just a new way to carry out punishments and repentance. With Jesus' death being the ultimate sacrifice for sin, the sin is covered and can be forgiven. So, instead of instant death sentences, and immediate enactment of punishments, we can repent and ask to be forgiven and God has promised that he will forgive and forget.

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