Monday, July 29, 2013

Suppressing the truth

I had heard from other political pundits recently that Facebook is acting like a good Liberal lapdog. Posts that go against the Liberal media, politicians, or followers mysteriously vanish from Facebook pages. If questioned, Facebook states that it was offensive to some minority or some crap like that. The truth is that Facebook is acting just like the government right now. They are trying to turn truth into a lie by suppressing it. It is just like Atheists who fight against Christians by forcing Christianity to be silent whenever they can. For, Satan hates the truth, it screams like a thousand baby cries in his ears. Obama and his minions are no better.

I posted a video that had to do with the recent George Zimmerman case. This video points out facts that are provable and damaging to the case that the mainstream media is trying to feed us. While the leftist media is attempting to thwart the truth by ignoring the facts and telling us all the lies, the truth is out there and is being made known through the internet. And, this isn't just speculative truth, it is truth based on facts proven by hard evidence. This truth is filled with massive contrasts to what our propaganda artists known as Liberal Journalism are trying to feed us. It paints a picture not of a horrid monster stalking an innocent child to murder him. It is contrary to the notion that Zimmerman was a racists bigot who followed poor Travon to his home to execute him. It destroys the idea that young Travon was a Christlike child who was just being a good boy and was murdered for no reason. I could get into the details, but there is a video that makes all of these points clear and precise.

This video was posted on Youtube and shared around Facebook....for a while. It remains on Youtube, but after I watched is spread among my friends like wildfire last night, it is utterly missing this morning. I know that sometimes posts on facebook can get buried or just be hard to find, but this is highly suspicious the way that it is gone from every page it was on last night. Facebook is at it again, it is holding up the left and their lies while suppressing the truth with considerable consistency.

Here is the video. After you watch it, share it everywhere you can. Let the truth be known!

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