Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fight to defund continues.

If something is good for everyone, why would those who are handing it out refuse to take it themselves? If you haven't heard several Republican's in the Senate are filibustering the vote on defunding Obamacare because they know that Reid will do his best to take the vote quickly to protect Obamacare. As it stands, the House has overwhelmingly voted to defund this disastrous bill, but Reid will push the Senate to keep it because he and his cronies want to help destroy this country under this horrible monster of a bill.

The question that not one of my Liberal friends seems to have a logical answer for is why the Dems have exempted themselves from this bill. We are being fed a constant supply of lies from the left by their pretty face mouthpieces. Billy Clinton is now back on the road to give big speeches about why we should just LOVE Obamacare. Obama has even drafted celebs to travel around as well to make the case for it to the American public. What they aren't talking about is that Obama, Clinton, and every other Dem are exempt from the bill they are trying to promote.(As well as Democrat backers who greased enough palms to get their own free ticket away from Obamacare)

Why is it? Why won't they take their own pill? The Democrat News Network known as CNN has been trashing the Repubs on this for years. Yet, again, they won't answer this one question.

One answer that has been used is that the Dems being part of government already have healthcare so they won't need it anyway. Well, that argument fails miserably. We were promised that we could keep our healthcare even with Obamacare in action. So if you can keep your care then you shouldn't need a waiver.

Let me venture a guess as to why Democrats and the big campaign donors of Democrats are waivered. Perhaps this bill isn't what we are being told. Well that should be obvious now considering that we were told that Obamacare would not raise premiums, nope they will raise them significantly. We were told that it would allow you to keep your own healthcare, sorry that's not the case either. We were told it would not raise taxes or cost anything, in fact it would somehow save money. Again, that is entirely false, it is not only going to cost everyone, the Supreme Court ordered Obama to call Obamacare a tax. There are many more, but that should do to make my point. We have been lied to from the beginning about this hideous bill. As I said before, perhaps this bill isn't what we are being told. Perhaps it will hurt people, perhaps it will inflict undue suffering on the American public. But, for those who voted on it and wrote it, they don't have to follow it.

With all the reasons out there to defund Obamacare, the fact that the backstabbing lawmakers who created it are using it to set a very dangerous precedent. Now Lawmakers can write laws they themselves do not need to follow. I will give it a second thought and consider its viability again if Obama and everyone else under his protection removed those waivers and actually faced the bill he helped create. But, I doubt that will happen.

Mr. President, you keep trying to tell us that we need to learn to like it. It will not work. Even if it isn't defunded, we will fight it until it is removed.

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