Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm not boycotting Target, but I refuse to shop there

Okay, you may wonder what's the difference between boycotting and plain refusal to patronize a store. The difference is in why I enact my beliefs.

Let me start by explaining my beliefs. I am an evangelical Christian and go to a Southern Baptist Church. I believe in the whole Bible and that it is the true word of God handed down through divinely inspired authors. I have faith in Jesus Christ as my savior and that without Jesus I cannot hope to have salvation and forgiveness of my sins. That said, it is my responsibility to live according to the scriptures in this life as best as I can. I know that I am not perfect and I will often stumble. I know that though I am forgiven, I will still sin and that is wrong. I also know that according to the scriptures, it is my duty to acknowledge sin and help the lost know what sin is so that they too can seek forgiveness of their transgressions against their creator. (Don't start throwing “judge not” in my face, that is a horribly misquoted passage and we are called to judge...but that is another article.)
With my beliefs placed on the solid foundation of the Scriptures, I know that homosexuality is a sin and I know that the whole transgender movement is a sin. I will not ignore that. I will not be silent on that. If I did not tell them what God says about their lifestyles, then I am guilty of silence. If a doctor withheld the news that you had cancer, he would be guilty of letting you die without giving you the chance to seek healing.

Okay, that all said. I am not basing my personal problems with Targets choice on the fact that the LGBT movement is Biblically wrong. In fact, who I am worried about aren't the transgender people, but those who are perverted scum. The problem with this whole bathroom argument is that one side continues to ignore the consequences of their actions. They want to appeal to those who feel better for accommodating a tiny portion of our society. They ignore the fact that bathrooms, fitting rooms, and locker rooms are not as secure as public areas. We don't want cameras in these locations, they are designed for privacy. We don't want armed guards standing around, again we want privacy. Unfortunately, by opening the doors to ignoring biologic gender policy, we allow perverted people access to these unsecured locations. It has happened before and it will happen again. Yes, it happened before places began to have these policies, but this only allows it to grow exponentially.
The base question that no one on the pro-trans side seems to want to answer is this; “Can you definitively tell the difference between true transgender men and perverted men willing to wear a dress to get closer to their victims?” The answer is a resounding “no you can't” So, I personally believe these policies are more than foolish, they are downright dangerous. In an attempt to appeal to the polarized ideological side of America (the tiny population of transgender people and the larger population of those who feel righteous by supporting them) Target and other organizations are creating a dangerous situation.

Now, my personal beliefs do not allow me to patronize a place that would do this. I do not wish to show any sort of support to a business that would be so foolish. By walking in that door, the world sees that I do not care that they are doing this. However, I also find those who are boycotting based on religious doctrine to be equally foolish. Recently a woman made the news by marching through Target, waving a bible around, and righteously denouncing them and their actions. This does not help the Christian community, it hurts it. I am tired of seeing my Facebook friends and church friends calling out Target for opposing God. The last time I checked, Target wasn't pro-God to begin with. They aren't a church, they aren't a Christian company, they are an independent business. Not only that, but over the last ten or so years they have come out strongly Liberal in their attitudes and policies, this is only a recent development in their actions.

What has happened is that the Left has created both sides of the argument for us. The argument: pro-trans vs. pro-God. Of course that sort of debate is immediately won with the statement “your religion shouldn't dictate how I run my business”. Which has validity. In the long run, when this boils down to writing a law to force trans-gender bathrooms everywhere, it will stand up in the supreme court. The liberal side will argue that any opposition to it is purely religious and thus violates the supposed separation of church and state. The problem is that the argument really isn't about God or the Bible. It's about the dangers of perverted people abusing these new rules to film, fondle and/or rape women and children. As I said, the question they don't want to answer (mentioned in previous paragraph) is avoided entirely when they pose this straw-man argument about why this is somehow related to the Bible and God. And, to make their point work for them, fools march around Target with Bibles in their hands and notable Christians take to the airwaves to connect this policy with Gods moral laws.

We need to stand up against these rules and the laws they will try to pass for the reason of safety, not religion. I won't join they boycott because it's ideology has been designed by its own opposition. However, I won't go to Target because I still firmly believe their policy is flat-out wrong. In the end I do stand with God on this, the Bible is about morals, but it is also about common sense, which is exactly what this whole situation lacks on both sides.

Thank You

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